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One of the biggest competition concerns that any tech gadget manufacturer faces is not only to deliver the best cutting edge technology product at par with the other brands available in the market but to push its own limit and create a niche product better than what it has produced before. Simply put as “You are your best competitor”.

Thus after the raging success of LG Nexus 5 post its launch in November, 2013, the expectations and speculations hit an all time high with what could be expected from Google’s next flagship smart phone namely Google Nexus 6 proposed to be unveiled sometimes in the third quarter of 2014. Though most of these rumors are over hyped publicity stunts to keep the buzz alive around the product, here we bring to you what could be reasonably expected from this tech baby or rather how far Google might have pushed its Research and Development Team.

Google Nexus 6 Specifications

Google Nexus 6 opening its accountDisplay: One of the few essentials that makes or breaks a Smartphone is definitely its display, because lets accept it everybody wants to flaunt that sexy thing that costed them a fortune. One of the recent trends that the smart phone industry has been seen to sport is a larger screen or viewing window, which basically indicates a phablet format device. Google as a matter of fact, is also expected to play it safe and sport a display very similar to LG G3.

As added information, the screen is expected to be no more than 5.2 inch with a curved LCD display and a corning gorilla glass cover protecting the full HD view (2K display). Besides the aluminum metallic finish is sure to make the product a top range purchase embarking style, class and sophistication.

Processor and Operating System: If the display got you drooling, the processor and operating system anticipations are going to make you grasp for breath. This tech baby is believed to run on either Android 4.5 “Lollipop” or Android 6.0 “Milkshake”, the later being the first of its kind installed in a Smartphone, and is believed to take the tech experience to a whole new level. Besides this, the Google Nexus 6 is going to be super packed with a 3-4 GB RAM, a 128GB/ 64GB internal storage space along with an Exynos 5-octa core processor and a 3100 mAh battery to make you never want to stop.

Camera: If there is one thing that has witnessed a paradigm shift in smart phone marketing, then it is not only the ability of a brand to deliver the sexiest display combined with amazing processors and operating system, but also to rope in the best of features in the form of Camera, Sound and such other multimedia experiences. Google, being the market giant it is, understands these basic needs of its consumers and is believed to launch Nexus 6 with a 16MP rare camera and a 4MP primary camera alongside a sensor that can give you the best shots at ultra low light.

And that’s not all, if expectations from the new flagship phone would infact meet reality, then this device is believed to contain everything from finger print sensors (including both atmosphere and thermo sensors) to a retina scanner along with the usual Wi-Fi, NFC, Bluetooth, Micro-USB features that too being an extremely lightweight version as compared to its predecessors.

Nexus 6 Release Date

Curved display of Google Nexus 6The best marketing strategy that any smartphone manufacturer resorts to is usually keeping the hype live around the product with tiny leaks in relation to its specifications and let the rumor brewing, yet at the same time never usually coming up with an exact date as to its release. Google, as we know it, is no exception to this rule. Hence though ever since the release of Nexus 5 in November, 2013 rumors has suggested everything from predicting the release of Google Nexus 6 at anytime in the year 2014, the most reasonable and calculated anticipations points a release ideally towards the second quarter of the year 2014 and mostly in the month of July or August to give a run for money to its competitors in the market namely Samsung, Apple, Sony and HTC gearing for the release of their own flagship versions namely Galaxy S5, iphone 6, Xperia Z2 and M8 respectively.

Apart from the competition rationale, if cost analysts are to be believed, one of the major reasons for shifting the unveiling of Nexus 6 to the second quarter of the year is also accorded to the reason of capitalizing on the success of the previous phones of the nexus generation. That is to say that unless the deals and discounts over the various online portals in relation to Nexus 4 and Nexus 5 are done with, the company is not too keen on launching its new product since it might eat up the market share of its previous launches. Hence, at this point of time, any release date is just a mere speculation with a bunch of reasoning supporting the same and quite frankly the gizmo freaks would have to actually wait till Google comes up with an official release date.

Don’t Worry! It won’t cost much

New design of Nexus 6 by GoogleA basic look at the specifications that Google Nexus 6 is believed to deliver and the hype surrounding the same, gives us the sure shot impression, that this baby is not going to come too easy for the consumer’s pocket. Further if the speculations are to be believed, then this flagship device may contain an internal memory storage of either 64GB or 128GB, and accordingly the prices for both of these models quite apparently would be different.

On the contrary Google has always lived up to its price tag being etched at the popular level, and is more-so bereft of any contractual obligations in relation to pricing. Thus if market analysts are to be believed then Google Nexus 6 would come within the same price bracket as iphone 6 (with almost the same price variations as to its memory storage). Hence conclusively a 32GB variant is rumored to be priced around $450 and a 64GB would be priced accordingly.

Thus, all in all, though for the brand loyalists Google Nexus 6 would not be a disappointment if it actually lives up to the reasonable assertions made above, for those who might be looking for a new brand to invest on or is skeptical about making their first purchase of a Smartphone, this one is a definite safe bet.


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